Spices: We source fresh, top quality spices from Australia and around the world, and heat seal them in heavy duty plastic bags so they're fresh for you (the bags are resealable zip lock bags, so you can keep them fresh too). 

Get those hard to find spices here!

Spice Blends: We hand prepare, small bathces of the MIstresses unique spice blends, using only the finest, freshest spices. We don't use any salt, MSG, packing, or flavouring agents - just the good stuff. 

Spice blends from India (over 30 different blends available), North Africa, (including Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and more), the Middle East and Europe. 

Individual Spices: 




Bay leaves 

Curry leaves 

Caraway Seeds 

Cardomom: green, brown, ground 

Cassia Quills: ground 

Cayenne Pepper 

Celery Seeds 

Chilli crushed 

Chilli Mild 

Chilli Hot

Cinnamon ground 

Cinnamon sticks 

Cloves: ground, whole 

Coriander whole 

Cumin ground 

Cumin whole 

Dill Seeds 

Fennel Seeds 


Methi fenugreek leaves 


Green Pepper 

Pink Pepper 

Juniper Berries 

Brown Mustard 

Yellow Mustard


Lemon Murtyle 

Mace ground 

Mace whole 

Nigella seeds

Nutmeg whole 

Nutmeg ground 

Organic Rose Petals

Rose buds


White Pepper

Paprika Hot 

Sweet Paprika 

Smoked Paprika 

Star Anise 


Sczehwan Pepper 


Vanilla Pod 



Sweet, simple and versatile. This spice blend combines balanced proportions of cinnamon and rose petals. It is used to flavour couscous, rice, any sweet...

Minimum quantity for "Tunisian Bharat" is 1.

This traditional blend from Tunisia is used to flavour tagines (stews), salads, couscous, or dips, and even as a marinade. It is a warming blend which...

Minimum quantity for "Tunisian Tabil" is 1.

Introduced into Goan cuisine by the Portuguese, this fiery blend was seriously spiced up by the Goanese. Traditionally used for pork and with lots of...

Minimum quantity for "Vindaloo Curry Powder" is 1.

This blend is traditionally used for soups, grilled meats and vegetables dishes. Due to the inclusion of saffron and cardamom, Hawaij is a highly fragrant...

Minimum quantity for "Yemeni Spice Blend" is 1.

This zingy blend of thyme, sumac, sesame seeds and salt comes from the Middle East and is eaten daily in and around Lebanon. Za’atar can be mixed with...

Minimum quantity for "Za'atar" is 1.