Spices: We source fresh, top quality spices from Australia and around the world, and heat seal them in heavy duty plastic bags so they're fresh for you (the bags are resealable zip lock bags, so you can keep them fresh too). 

Get those hard to find spices here!

Spice Blends: We hand prepare, small bathces of the MIstresses unique spice blends, using only the finest, freshest spices. We don't use any salt, MSG, packing, or flavouring agents - just the good stuff. 

Spice blends from India (over 30 different blends available), North Africa, (including Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and more), the Middle East and Europe. 

Individual Spices: 




Bay leaves 

Curry leaves 

Caraway Seeds 

Cardomom: green, brown, ground 

Cassia Quills: ground 

Cayenne Pepper 

Celery Seeds 

Chilli crushed 

Chilli Mild 

Chilli Hot

Cinnamon ground 

Cinnamon sticks 

Cloves: ground, whole 

Coriander whole 

Cumin ground 

Cumin whole 

Dill Seeds 

Fennel Seeds 


Methi fenugreek leaves 


Green Pepper 

Pink Pepper 

Juniper Berries 

Brown Mustard 

Yellow Mustard


Lemon Murtyle 

Mace ground 

Mace whole 

Nigella seeds

Nutmeg whole 

Nutmeg ground 

Organic Rose Petals

Rose buds


White Pepper

Paprika Hot 

Sweet Paprika 

Smoked Paprika 

Star Anise 


Sczehwan Pepper 


Vanilla Pod 



Bishop's Weed. Has a bitter and pungent flavour. Used in many Indian and Middle Eastern Spice blends.

Minimum quantity for "Ajwain" is 1.

Also known as Pimento. These balls of flavour are used in sweet and savoury spice blends and dishes.

Aniseeds' flavour has similarities with some other spices, such as star anise, fennel, and licorice.

Baharat is the name given to most Arab and Middle Eastern spice blends, which simply means “spices”. Like India’s Masala, it is used...

Minimum quantity for "Baharat" is 1.

Balti is a curry originating in an area now in Northern Pakistan. Balti refers both to this area of origin and the dish in which the food is cooked and...

Minimum quantity for "Balti Masala" is 1.


This is a traditionally fiery spice blend from Ethiopia. The spices are roasted gently in order to release their strong and beautifully pungent aroma....

Minimum quantity for "Berbere" is 1.

This is a New Orleans favourite. It is used to create the well known Cajun chicken and the spicy Jambalayas. The distinctive colouring and peppery taste...

Minimum quantity for "Cajun Spice" is 1.

“The queen of spices”, cardamom enhances both sweet and savoury dishes. Used extensively throughout the Middle East, India, Africa and Asia....

“The queen of spices”, cardamom enhances both sweet and savoury dishes. Used extensively throughout the Middle East, India, Africa and Asia....

Cassia has a more intense, sweeter aroma than cinnamon and is often sold as cinnamon in many countries. It provides flavour for many Chinese, Indonesian,...

A Moroccan essential and a regular on restaurant menus. By itself, this blend makes a great rub or marinade, but when Blitz together with 2 cloves of...

Minimum quantity for "Chermoula Spice Blend" is 1.